How to Apply Eyeliner For Specific Eye Shapes 

The world of makeup is a vast and bountiful terrain filled with intricacies and details you could get lost trying to navigate. But fear not! We have guides down to the T for just about everything to make your journey comfortable and streamlined. This article will teach you everything you need to know about eye shapes, how to identify your own, and the best eyeliner styles to go with them.

As with anything, in order to explore the different types and styles of eyeliner applications, you must first understand the fundamentals. In this case, that means knowing which category the shape of your eyes falls under. So, let’s look at the different types of eye shapes and how to tell which one you have.

Identifying Your Eye Shape

We recommend using a mirror for this bit; it will help you identify your eye shape with two simple steps. Keep the mirror level, look at your lids and creases, and imagine a straight line going through the center of your eyes. Take note of where the corners of your eyes fall in relation to that line. The types of eye shapes and their characteristics are:

Almond: Almond eyes are oval, symmetrical, and longer than they are wide, with narrow corners, especially the ones close to the nose. If you have almond-shaped eyes, you won’t be able to see the white around the iris, and the eyelid will slightly cover both the top and bottom of the iris.

Monolid: Common among Asians, monolid eye shapes have limited space with no defined crease. You may also have flatter eyelids and less prominent brow bones than people with wrinkles in their lids.

Hooded: Many people are born with a hooded eye shape, while others eventually develop one with age. When you have hooded eyes, the skin over the crease hangs down, making the upper eyelid look smaller. If, when your eyes are open, you can’t see the crease in your eye, you have hooded eyes.

Round: If you can see white beneath your iris, you have round eyes. Look straight into a mirror. If you can see any white around the top or bottom of your iris in this position, you have “round” eyes. A thin sliver of white under your iris is sufficient to qualify. Round eyes are less tapered than almond eyes and appear more open. 

Downturned: Look at how your eyes are tilted to tell whether they are upturned or downturned. Imagine that a straight, horizontal line goes through the middle of each eye. Ask yourself if the outer corners of your eyes lie above or below this center line. If the outer corners are above this line, you have “upturned” eyes. If the outer corners are below this line, you have “downturned” eyes.

Best Eyeliner Styles for Every Eye Type

Almond: If you have almond eyes, consider yourself lucky. Practically any style of eyeliner will look good on you. Its versatility lets you get away with any look, be it a classic cat eye or a winged eyeliner. Just remember to keep your lines thin on the inside by staying close to your lash line and thicker on the outside by making them thicker gradually after you reach your eye pupil. Try Herlan’s Color Vibes Gel Liner: Seaweed. It’s soft, silky, and surprisingly versatile. It can be smudged for a smoky eye or dried for a sharp, precise line.

Monolid: Extensions work best for monolid eyes. Try extending your inner line as far out as your eyebrow and exaggerating the wing. It’ll give your eyes the most shape and definition. A thick line of eyeliner that will cover the space between your eyelashes and the lid when you open your eyes is also a recommended option. We recommend Herlan’s Color Vibes Gel Liner: Secret Widow. It can enhance the eyes, create a cut crease line, highlight the browbone, or highlight the inner corners.

Hooded: Similar to monolids, hooded eyes work best with long, angled lines. The key is to put on a thick line of eyeliner because thin lines disappear when your eyes are open. Make sure the liner goes right into the bottom of your bash line. Herlan’s Color Vibes Gel Liner: Beauty Killer is perfect for making a bright eye look or a popping inner corner.

Round: Elongation is the key. Smokey eyes or exaggerated wings are perfect as they help to create an elongated look. Line the upper lash line and make the outer corners stand out with a long, extended wing or by smudging dark liner into both the upper and lower lash lines. Herlan’s Color Vibes Gel Liner: Eternal Sunshine is ideal for making the golden shimmery eye look.

Downturned: The key to using eyeliner for downturned eyes is to keep them up. If the eye is turned down, it should be drawn up and out, not down and in. You’ll need to exaggerate the flick and give it a dramatic angle at the end. To get a more lifted look, the “flick,” or wing, should point up at an angle. Instead of starting your eyeliner along your whole lash line, just put it on the outer half of your eyelid. Try the versatile Herlan Color Vibes Gel Liner: Gunmetal.

Extra Variables to Consider When Putting on Eyeliner

Styles also differ depending on other characteristics of your eyes, such as their size, how they are set, and whether they are symmetrical or asymmetrical. 

Large: For large eyes, a look that gently manipulates their shape and intensity works beautifully. Line the upper lid, keeping the thickness the same throughout. Don’t extend too far; cut the liner off at the end of your lash line. 

Small: To make your eyes look like doe eyes, draw a thin line right above your lash line and curve it out at the edges. If you heavily line your waterline on your lower lid, your eye will look shorter and smaller. 

Deep-set: With a deep-set eye, you don’t want to apply anything too dark or heavy on the center of the lid and lash line. The best type of eyeliner for this shape is one that starts on the outer section. Start putting on the liquid liner at the top of the curve of your eye and drag it outward. Stop the liner just after your lashes end. If you make the liner too long, it will pull the eye down when we want to open and lift it.

Close-set: If your eyes are close together, you need to keep the inner half of your eyelid clean to make more space between them. Apply a thin line from the middle outward, keeping it close to the lashes. Give it a little flick, but nothing too dramatic

Wide-set: A wide-set eye requires a similar approach to that of a large eye shape. Start right at the tear duct and pull the eyeliner across and out, lifting it with a good flick at the edge. Do the same thing under your eye; draw a line close to your lash line.

Asymmetrical: All eyes are actually asymmetrical; it’s just more pronounced for some. If you’re interested in trying to make your eyes more similar in shape and size, simply apply a thicker amount of liner to the outer portion of your smaller eye to create the illusion of width.

That concludes our guide, and if you want to take a deep dive into different eyeliner styles, we have 13 Trendy Eyeliner Styles For You to Try. But remember, these are only some of the basic, foundational directions according to the different characteristics of your eyes. The potential options for eyeliner shapes for eyes of all shapes and sizes are nearly limitless, and Herlan’s Color Vibes Gel Liner Series is your perfect companion on that journey. Don’t forget to explore, experiment, and enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

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